Old Mill Road Traffic Calming Task Force


Update June 5, 2017

The Task Force has generated a new proposed traffic calming option.  This plan will be shared at a Community meeting scheduled for June 22, 2017, from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm at Walt Whitman Middle School Lecture Hall, 2500 Parkers Ln, Alexandria, VA 22306.  Details of this proposed plan are on the flyer 2017 Old Mill Road Community Meeting Notice-web

Update March 10, 2017:

Based on feedback from the affected property owners around the originally proposed speed table, the Task Force is now investigating an alternative Option.  See file below dated 3-10-17, "Option 2".

Old Mill Rd Device Location Map 2016 Option 2_3-10-17

12/31/16 Original Post

The following documents, current as of 12-31-16 provide an overview and current status of the work of the Old Mill Road Traffic Calming Task Force.  This page will be periodically updated as the status evolves. See files #1-4, Background Paper and 12/31 email.

Old Mill Road Image

Old Mill Rd Traffic Calming Email to BOD_12-31-16

Background Paper_Old Mill Traffic Calming_31 Dec 2016

File #1_FCDOT Study

File #2_Steps for Plan Implementation, FAQ, etc.

File #3_Ballot Voting Households Map

File #4_Old Mill Traffic Calming Plan_Dec 2016